Casey Siemaszko has been working as an actor in film, television, radio and on stage since the age of seven. In addition to being an accomplished actor, he is a hardcore triathlete, a fastidious craftsman, a talented musician, a smokin’ dancer, and a generous friend.

Born Kazimierz Andrew Siemaszko on St. Patrick’s day in Chicago, Illinois, Casey was introduced to the performing arts at a very young age. His parents were World War II survivors and immigrants to America. His father was a Polish Underground fighter who survived the German concentration camps Sachsenhausen and Auschwitz, and his mother lived through the London Blitz of 1940-1941. Both immersed themselves in Polish culture and the arts to help cope with the horrors they endured during the war. His father, an electrical engineer, taught ballroom and Polish folk dancing, while his British mother, a bookkeeper by trade, adopted the Polish culture and became the driving force behind the scenes, involved in everything from managing the dance company to creating costumes for the performers.

Casey and his siblings, Corky, Ola and Nina, had an action-packed, rollicking, bilingual childhood. They danced in a number of Polish folk dance troupes, sang in choirs, and performed in several Polish language theatre companies. Casey, was also active in scouting, played the drums and guitar in many local garage bands, was an avid juggler and street performer, and excelled at everything from ballroom dancing to judo.

In 1979, Casey was accepted to the Goodman School of Drama at DePaul University, a prestigious and demanding program that taught him the skills needed to become a professional actor. Upon graduating, he began working immediately, performing in various commercials, television projects, and plays. But as soon as he landed his first movie role, Casey fell in love with the medium of film. He signed with an agent, joined the union, and headed west for Los Angeles in 1983. In Hollywood, he worked with Oscar-winning directors such as Francis Ford Coppola, Stephen Spielberg, and Mike Nichols, and acted in numerous films and TV series, including the wildly popular Back to the Future, Stand By Me, Young Guns, Of Mice and Men, NYPD Blue, and the cult-classic high school comedy, Three O’clock High, in which he stars as the nerdy, frantic Jerry Mitchell.

Despite his success in Hollywood, Casey always dreamed of living in New York City. In 1987, he moved to Manhattan, which he now calls home. In recent years, you may have seen him on the TV series Law and Order, The Bronx is Burning, Damages, NYC 22, Louis, Blue Bloods, Storm of the Century, and White Collar. He’s also a seasoned voice-over artist in radio, television, and many video games, including Grand Theft Auto. Whether he’s on the set of a blockbuster film, a low-budget indie flick, a radio voiceover, or even a madcap home movie, Casey has always delivered a quality performance and never failed to find joy in his work.

When he’s not working, Casey can be found training for triathlons (just try to catch a glimpse of him flying by on his high-tech aerodynamic plastic bike or running along the Hudson River), playing soccer on a recreational team at sunrise or in the middle of the night, shredding the Utah slopes on his snowboard, laying tiles or splicing electrical wires (he’s a licensed New York City contractor, and darn good at it), or sipping a cup of tea in the West Village, enjoying life one day at a time.






Voice-over CREDITS

Casey has done voice-overs for numerous industrial films, video games, films and advertisements.
Some of his commercial clients include companies such as: